HearT PumPing OiL (2014) is a short sci-fi/steampunk film written and directed by Ben Juhl for Dirt Capsule Films. Starring Jing Song, Kassie Rehorn, Sandy Kim, and Kasey Kempton.

In a common city, in the not-so-distant future, two young women carry out a plan to defy the system. Sparrow (Jing Song) must free Destiny (Kassie Rehorn) from a tracking device that monitors her every move and traps her in a life of assigned servitude. As their eventful journey unfolds, Sparrow is forced to decide between her love for Destiny and a final hope for what is left of mankind.

Not rated. 9:28 run time. Watch the teaser trailer (here).

Dirt Capsule Films links: website/Facebook

My thoughts… HearT PumPing OiL is an amazing short film whose cautionary tale of defiance and rebellious love in an oppressive future demands to be expanded into a feature or web series. I love this film! Am I crazy? Absolutely!

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