Naked Zombie Girl is “a grindhouse style film about a naked girl killing zombies with a chainsaw” written and directed by Rickey Bird for Hectic Films. Starring Meghan Chadeayne as “Barbara”, D.T. Carney, Joshua Keith Mathews, Ali Dougherty, Rickey Bird III, and Rickey Bird.

In “Naked Zombie Girl” two prostitutes and their friend, Tony, have just escaped a zombie attack in a 1971 Cadillac Fleetwood Broughman. Unfortunately, Tony has been bitten and is about to turn into a zombie. That’s all you really need to know other than star Meghan Chadeayne somehow loses her dress and goes on a maddening zombie-killing spree. – Written by Nick Belardes

Rated “N” for nudity. 27:33 run time. Watch the trailer (here).

Girls, guns or zombies? Naked chainsaw-wielding girls, guns and zombies!

My thoughts… Naked Zombie Girl is a cool homage to the grindhouse horror films of the 1970s. There’s plenty of zombies, gore, nudity, and… little else. So, if you have to ask what the point is, don’t watch it!

I purchased the “Total Package” from Hectic Films which came with Naked Zombie Girl, plenty of DVD bonus features (including other short films), signed posters, stickers, and issue #1 of the Naked Zombie Girl comic book by Rickey Bird, Austen Gregerson and John Broglia!

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