Midnight Mob is a punk/hard rock/metal band from New York City, NY, fronted by Blackey Deathproof (vocals). She is joined by Mickey Squeeze (lead guitar), Spydyr (guitar), Carly Quinn (bass), and Chris Beatz (drums). Midnight Mob formed in 2008. Founding member Catastrophe (drums) departed in 2013. Spydyr announced his departure in August 2015.

How’d you like a punch in the face? Well, the music of Midnight Mob is the next best thing. This New York band combines punk, metal, blues, hard rock, and a little bit of soul into one rip-roaring package that’ll remind you of every great rock ’n’ roll act of the last 40 years—Guns N’ Roses, Danzig, Motörhead, Social Distortion, Queens of the Stone Age—without imitation.

Girls, guns or zombies? Girls and guitars!

Selected discography:

Midnight Mob (2011). 4-track EP. Choice cuts: “Perfect Crime”, “So Hard”, “Hit or Miss”, “Overdrive”.

Black Moon Rising (2012). 6-track EP. Choice cuts: “Be Mine”, “My Undead Darling (You Still Haunt Me)”, “Black Moon Rising”, “These Days”, “Walking Dead”, “All For Nothing”. The digital-only EP was re-released in 2013 on CD with 6 bonus tracks. Choice bonus cuts: “Electric Worry” (Clutch cover), “Rise Up”.

These Days (2014). 10-track album. STP Records. This UK-only release combines the tracks from the band’s previous two EPs.

Honest Brutal Glorious (2015). 6-track EP. Choice cuts: “Ghosts”, “Swing On”. Other awesome cuts: “Run For Your Life”, “Song For The Damned”, “Black Mamba”, “Stay”.

Selected videos …

Band links: website / Facebook / Youtube / Reverbnation

My thoughts… Midnight Mob is my favorite unsigned rock band! I stumbled upon the band, randomly, in 2013 and was hooked instantly! “Hit or Miss” should’ve been a mainstream rock hit, and I wish “Be Mine” had a video! Oh, and Blackey Deathproof is a stunning beauty gifted with an amazing voice!

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The photo of Blackey Deathproof above is from the 2015 Women of Armageddon calendar. Check out more photos from her shoot (here).