Shinku is an action/horror comic book series created by Ron Marz (writer) and Lee Moder (pencils). Published in 2011-12 by Image Comics. The first story arc (issues #1-5) was collected as Shinku, Vol. 1: Throne of Blood (2012). The volume includes a gallery of alternate covers and pinups, sketches by Lee Moder, and the first 10 pages of the original vision for Shinku as a black, white and red book.

The sole surviving descendant of a once-proud samurai line, Shinku wages a solo war against a powerful vampire clan that has lurked in the shadows for centuries. But can she save the life of an American scientist who holds the key to her ultimate triumph?

Girls, guns or zombies? Samurai girls with guns and swords!


Shinku is bloody, action-packed fun! I hope Ron Marz is able, unlike with The Blade of Kumori, to continue the series, since Shinku’s last words promise more vampire-killing action: “We’re just getting started.” Oh, and Vol. 1 ends with “Continued!”

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