The Blade of Kumori is a limited comic book series created by Ron Marz (writer) and Mark Poulton (writer) with Jason Reeves (inks) and Grafiksismik (colors). The series was originally published in 2004-05 by Aftermath, an imprint of Devil’s Due Publishing, but was cancelled after issue #5. The final chapter was included in the trade paperback collection published by Arcana Studios in 2011.

A young woman who’s been raised in the cloistered environment of a hi-tech samurai clan is dispatched on her first mission in the West: to kill a self-styled super hero. Her confrontation with this stranger awakens in her the realization that she is more than human – and her love for him puts her at odds with her family and everything she’s been raised to believe.

Girls, guns or zombies? Samurai girls with swords!


My thoughts… I was disappointed when The Blade of Kumori was cancelled after issue #5, without resolution, in 2005; and I was excited to have closure, at last, in 2011. However, I was disappointed with the finale’s artwork.

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