Die Mannequin is a Canadian punk/alternative rock band from Toronto, Ontario fronted by Care Failure (vocals/guitar). Failure, born Caroline Kawa, formed Die Mannequin in 2005 and was eventually joined by Anthony “Useless” Bleed (bass/vocals), Stacy Stray (guitar/ vocals) and Dazzer Scott (drums) for the band’s first official studio album. They played a catchy blend of punk and alternative rock. However, for their latest release, Die Mannequin, with a new line-up, switched their sound to “evil dance music”. Care Failure, currently, is joined by Kevvy (bass/vocals), J.C. Sandoval (guitar/vocals) and Keith Heppler (drums).

Girls, guns or zombies? Punk rock girls and guitars!

Selected Discography:

“I Fought the Law”The Big Dirty Band (2006).  This was a Canadian supergroup featuring Care Failure, Rush‘s Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, and others. Featured on the soundtrack to Trailer Park Boys: the Movie.

How To Kill (2006). 4 tracks. How To Kill Records. 5/5 rating. Choice cuts: “Donut Kill Self”, “Autumn Cannibalist”, “Near The End”, “Fatherpunk”.

Slaughter Daughter (2007). 5 tracks. How To Kill Records. 4/5 rating. Choice cuts: “Do It or Die”, “Upside Down Cross”, “Saved By Strangers”, “Lonely of a Woman”.

Unicorn Steak (2008). 10 tracks. How To Kill Records. A compilation of the two studio EPs with 2 new tracks

FINO + BLEED (2009). 10 tracks. How To Kill Records. 5/5 rating. Choice cuts: “Dead Honey”, “Caroline Mescaline”, “Bad Medicine”, “Miss Americvnt”, “Guns Not Bombs”, “Candide”, “Suffer”, “Start It Up”, “Where Poppies Grow”, “Locking Elizabeth”, “Open Season”

Notes: “Dead Honey” was co-written with Raine Maida [of Our Lady Peace] and his wife Chantal Kreviazuk; while “Miss Americvnt” was co-written with Harry Hess & Peter Lesperance [of Harem Scarem] and “Caroline Mescaline” was co-written with Hess.

“Ma’Ma / Simple Man”Peter Jackson feat. Die Mannequin (2010). This was the lead single from Canadian rapper Peter Jackson’s debut album In My Life.

Danceland (2012). 9 tracks. How To Kill Records. 3/4 rating. Choice cuts: “Away”, “The Other Tiffany”, “Children With Machetes”, “Orson Welles & 2012”

Neon Zero (2014). 11 tracks. eOne Music. 5/5 rating. Choice cuts: “Welcome To The Badlands”, “I’m Just A Girl”, “Knock Me Out”, “Blood In / Blood Out”, “Girls At The Mall”, “Sucker Punch”, “Murder On The Dancefloor”, “Pretty Persuasion”.

Watch the videos for “Dead Honey” and “Bad Medicine” here …

And, watch the video for “Candide” from Danceland [although the track is originally from FINO + BLEED] …

In 2010, Care Failure starred in Canadian filmmaker Bruce McDonald’s so-so rock mockumentary Hard Core Logo 2. The film was a sequel to McDonald’s excellent 1996 rock mockumentray Hard Core Logo. McDonald also directed the actual documentary The Rawside of Die Mannequin (2008). Die Mannequin‘s Danceland EP serves as the soundtrack to Hard Core Logo 2.

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My thoughts… Die Mannequin is one of my favorite Canadian rock bands! Care Failure, despite being a drug-addicted mess, managed to make great music! Now, she’s clean and her band has shifted gears. I was reluctant, at first, to embrace the new sound but, after repeated plays, I realized that it’s the same great music – with dance beats! The new Die Mannequin is like Lady Gaga gone punk!

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