The Objex were an American punk rock band from Las Vegas, NV, formed in 2006, by core members Felony Melony (vocals) and Jim Nasty (guitar). Felony Melony (born Melanie Troxler), a former Suicide Girl, killed stereotypes as a mohawked African-American woman fronting a punk rock band. The Objex cited as influences artists such as The Gits, Bikini Kill, the Ramones, Wendy O. Williams (of The Plasmatics), Jello Biafra (of Dead Kennedys), and Tina Turner. Their brand of “alternative punk n’ roll” was loud and fast, but insanely melodic. The Objex called it quits in late 2014.

Girls, guns or zombies? African-American punk rock girls and guitars!

Selected Discography:

Attack of The Objex (2007). 10 tracks. Self-released. 4/5 rating. Choice cuts: “The Reaction”, “Eat This”, “Gotta Get Some”, “Gag”, “Kill Your Stereotypes”.

Reservation for Debauchery (2011). 11 tracks. Crownn Records. 5/5 rating. Choice cuts: “RSVP”, “Lethal Lips”, “Get Back”, “Criminal State”, “Retribution”, “Social Disease”, “Toxic Waste”, “Art Official”.

Supercharged Little Nova (2014). 8 tracks. Blue Pie Records. 3/5 rating. Choice cuts: “GG (Get It Done)”, “Grrr”, “Burn”, “Queen Cobra”, “Crush”.

Watch the videos for “RSVP” and “Lethal Lips” here …

Band links: Facebook / ReverbNation

My thoughts… I was very much disappointed when I read, on Facebook, that The Objex had called it quits – especially after releasing “GG (Get It Done)”, the best track the band ever recorded! It’s an ode to punk rock legend GG Allin who was known more for his notorious live performances than his music. The song offers this great mantra: “If punk is dead just call me a necrophile!” I hope Felony Melony, in whatever she chooses to do next, continues to “kill your stereotypes!”

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