Vendetta (2012-13) is an action web series written and directed by Gene Blalock for Seraph Films. Based on the 2012 short film Vendetta (here). Starring Rachel Bausch as “The Assassin”, David Cooley as “Head of The Assembly” and Andreas Beckett as “The Boss”. Youtube channel BAMMO was impressed with the original film, which was submitted for their VKO: Tournament of Champions, and contacted Seraph Films to produce a 10-episode series.

The web series will follow the exploits of the Assassin – a gorgeous, but deadly, operative for a shadowy syndicate that operates outside the law, blurring the line between right and wrong. Each episode follows the Assassin on a different mission in which she must use her lethal and alluring skills to battle thugs, kingpins, and other underworld villains.

The original short film served as the pilot episode. However, only two additional episodes were ever produced, and Sofie Norman did not return as the Assassin. The web series takes place before the events of the original film.

Girls, guns or zombies? Bad-ass assassin girls and guns!

Not rated. The episodes are:

  • Episode 1- Pilot (2012). 8:16 run time.
  • Episode 2- Corruption (2012). 9:34 run time.
  • Episode 3- The Wrath (2013). 9:05 run time.

Watch the episodes here …

My thoughts… Vendetta, the web series, isn’t quite as good as Vendetta, the short film. However, it isn’t bad either!

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