Vendetta (2012) is a short action/thriller film written and directed by Gene Blalock for Seraph Films. Starring Sofie Norman as “The Girl”, Ian Roberts as “Thug #1” and Andreas Beckett as “The Boss”. The film was “produced on a budget of $500.”

With only minutes left to save her sister from ruthless captors intent on making an example, and armed only with her own fierce determination, a lone modern-day warrior marches directly into the line of fire. An expert in martial arts, hand to hand combat, and weapons, she will need every ounce of skill if she is to rescue her sister and escape alive. When an unstoppable force faces off against an impenetrable defense, the outcome can only be explosive, but will it be enough?

Girls, guns or zombies? Bad-ass Swedish girls and guns!

Not rated. 11:02 run time. Watch the film here …

Watch the film in HD on Vimeo (here). Check out more production stills from the set of Vendetta (here). See also Vendetta: The Web Series (here).

My thoughts… Vendetta is a short action masterpiece! The fight choreography is fast-paced and violent, the ending is bleak, and boxer/kickboxer Sofie Norman, with those piercing green eyes, is a bad-ass beauty!

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