Nancy In Hell is a horror comic book series created by El Torres and Juan Jose Ryp. Published by Image Comics as Nancy In Hell #1-4 (2010) and its sequel Nancy In Hell On Earth #1-4 (2012). “Demons! Angels! Hot Girls! Violence!”

The series and its sequel are collected in 2 trade paperback volumes …


Nancy In Hell (2011). Collects the first mini-series Nancy In Hell #1-4. Written by El Torres. Art by Juan Jose Ryp (Chapters 1-2), Antonio Vasquez & Malaka Studio (Chapters 3-4).

Nancy is a good girl trapped in Hell. After her death, a cheerleader wakes up in a creepy landscape where she finds decomposing lost souls, demons lurking in the shadows, outcasts, chainsaws, booze, and certain doom. If Nancy wants to escape from Hell she must join forces with her most unexpected ally: Lucifer himself!


Nancy In Hell On Earth (2012). Collects the second mini-series Nancy In Hell On Earth #1-4. Written by El Torres. Art by Enrique Lopez Lorenzana.

Nancy and Lucifer filleted their way out of Hell… but they left the Gates open! Now demons are pouring on Earth, and angels want to destroy the whole planet before Hell spreads through all the realms. And nancy, her Daisy Dukes and her trusty chainsaw are in the way! Featuring Lucifer, the Twelve Disciples of Hell, giant demons, and nekkid angels!


Also …

Nancy In Hell: A Dragon In Hell (2014) is a one-shot crossover with Erik Larsen’s Savage Dragon. Published by Amigo Comics. Written by El Torres. Art by Enrique Lopez Lorenzana.

A demon has trapped Malcolm Dragon in Hell itself! His only chance to escape is the scantily-clad girl armed with a chainsaw: Nancy – and his spineless companion, the fallen angel Lucifer. Malcolm will need all his resources to survive the perils of Hell and the sinister forces that his father fought and left behind!


Girls, guns or zombies! Scantilly-clad girls, guns and chainsaws!

My thoughts… Despite the obvious, Nancy In Hell actually delivers a cool twisty story and an exciting journey through the bowels of Hell complete with all the usual suspects (Lucifer, The Furies, Cerberus, etc.). Nancy In Hell On Earth delivers more glorious, guilty-pleasurable joy with awesome covers and promo art inspired by grindhouse movie posters!

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