Red is a trilogy (2011-14) of short action films produced by Deadend Entertainment. Starring Jess McIlveen as “Red”, Adam Gilmour as “Ray”, Brandon Erga as “Jimmy Jones”, and Aaron Baker as “The Kid”… “What happens when a crazy ninja chick appears on the scene of a package drop?”

Girls, guns or zombies? Bad-ass Australian girls, guns, and samurai swords! Sexy assassin Red wants a jade medallion with special powers.

Not rated. The Red trilogy is:

  • Red (2011). 3:45 run time.
  • Red Reloaded – Part 1 (2012). 4:42 run time.
  • Red Reloaded – Part 2 (2012). 4:55 run time.
  • Red Retribution (2014). 5:28 run time.

Watch the films here …

My thoughts… The Red trilogy isn’t mind-blowing, even by ameteur film standards, but it’s highly entertaining nonetheless! The films of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino are obvious influences, as well as the spaghetti westerns that influenced those directors! The twangy Morricone-esque theme music is a dead giveway!

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