Sexy Girls & GUNS!! (2015) is a short action film directed and edited by Stanton Chong for eunoiaCreations. Starring Alex Quitlong (Beenie), Taylor Tai (Green hoodie), Nathan Ozee (Grey shirt), Cassandra Ebner (Duo pistols/Robe), Dawnda Abdullah (Sniper/Red corset), Makaela Viger (Minigun/Black corset), Phoebe Miu (Asian girl), MJ Knowles (Black dude), Kiomi Ellis (Girl throwing grenades), and Kyler Miles (Nerf gun lol).

Girls, guns or zombies? Sexy girls and guns! A team of sexy girls with guns assaults a group of slacker guys in their own home.

Not rated. 7:23 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… Sexy Girls & GUNS!! is pure unashamed joy! Take note Taylor Swift – Band-Aids do, in fact, fix bullet holes!

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