Clown Fatale is a limited crime/thriller comic book series written by Victor Gischler with art by Maurizio Rosenzweig. The series (issues #1-4) was published by Dark Horse Comics in 2013-14 and collected in Clown Fatale (2014). Extras include a sketchbook with notes by Victor Gischler.

It’s big-top chaos as four down-on-their-luck, sexy clowns get caught up in the deadly world of organized crime! Chloe, Aya, Tina, and Candy have their eyes set on a big score, and when the girls attempt to pass themselves off as high-profile contract killers, they find themselves with big shoes to fill. As rival gangs and competing contractors put these femmes fatales under fire, the comely clowns prepare to put on a show that these mobsters won’t forget – or survive!

Girls, guns or zombies? Sexy big-top girls, guns and swords!


My thoughts… Clown Fatale is awesome pulp fun! Sexy female clowns, tough talk, action, violence, bloodshed – all wrapped up in a cool story! It’s the Greatest Show on Earth as if imagined by Quentin Tarantino!

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