Tracktor Bowling is a Russian alternative metal band from Moscow formed in 1996. The band is Lousine “Lou” Gevorkian (vocals), Alexander “Kondrat” Kondratyev (guitar), Andrey “Mult” Ponasutkin (guitar), Vitaliy “Vit” Demidenko (bass), and Alexey “Proff” Nasarchuk (drums). Tracktor Bowling, to date, has released 5 studio albums, a live album and a live/acoustic double album. Tracktor Bowling‘s lyrics typically focus on social and political issues. However, Lou sings in Russian. In 2008, Lou and Vit formed the Russian alternative rock band Louna.

Girls, guns or zombies? Alternative metal girls and guitars!

Selected Discography:

Напролом (2002). 14 tracks. Choice cuts: “Напролом”, “Звезда”.

Черта (2005). 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “Черта”, “Метро”. Other good cuts: “О тебе”, “Она”, “Холодней”.

Шаги по стеклу (2006). 16 tracks. Choice cuts: “В Каждом Из Нас”, “Шаги По Стеклу”, “Не Сестра”, “Солгу”, “Мы Дети Твои”, “Твоя”. Other good cuts: “Игра”, “Обреченные”, “Ступени”, “Период Распада”, “Или Любовь” “Попробуй На Вкус Мою Боль”, “33 (Инстр.)”, “Улица Отчаяния”.  The rest: “Вас Больше Нет”, “Opit (Инстр.)”.

Note: “33 (Инстр.)” and “Opit (Инстр.)” are instrumental tracks.

Vol.1 (2007). Live album.

Полгода до весны (2007). Acoustic/live double album.

Tracktor Bowling (2010). 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “Ничья”, “Правда”, “Время”, “Шрамы”, “Мы”. Other good cuts: “Я помню…”, “Ни шагу назад”, “Ради чего?”, “Сердце”, “Рок”.

Бесконечность (2015). 12 tracks. Choice cuts: “Натрон”, “Смерти нет”, “Мир, где нет меня”, “С кем я”, “Наш 2006-й”. Other good tracks: “Бесконечность”, “Я жива”, “Война”, “Круги руин”, “Вниз или вверх”. The rest: “Каждый сам по себе”, “В сетях одиночества”.

Watch the videos for “Ничья” and “Время” here …

Lousine Gevorkian was born in Kapan, Armenia.

Band links: website / Youtube

My thoughts… Tracktor Bowling, if nothing else, is my second favorite Russian rock band – behind Lousine Gevorkian’s alternative rock band Louna! However, Tracktor Bowling‘s latest release Бесконечность is one of my favorite albums of 2015! Sure, I don’t speak Russian, but the band’s songs are heavy yet melodic and Lou sings with a passion that transcends language barriers! The more I listen to Tracktor Bowling in the wake of Бесконечность, the more I’m thinking about declaring them my favorite Russian rock band over Louna! It’s a very tough call so let’s just say that Lousine Gevorkian is my #1 favorite Russian rock chick!

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