Zombie Tramp is a horror comic book series created by Dan Mendoza. Published from 2009 to date by Action Lab Comics under its mature readers imprint Action Lab: Danger Zone. Zombie Tramp was originally published as a limited 3-issue mini-series, followed by a limited 4-issue sequel mini-series. The ongoing series began on Free Comic Book Day in May 2014, then continued in July 2014. Zombie Tramp is a “toxic candied cartoon grindhouse zombie romp!”

Girls, guns or zombies? Former call girls, guns and zombie tramps!

The original series and sequel are collected in 2 trade paperback volumes …


Zombie Tramp: Vols. 1-2

Zombie Tramp, Vol. 1 (2013). Collects Zombie Tramp #1-3 (2009-11). “WARNING: This book contains sexy zombie outfits, strong tramp language, and gory undead action!”

Janey Belle was Hollywood’s hottest high-priced call girl, until her Madame set her up on a date with the undead. Now she walks the night… in search of REVENGE! It’s sexy cool zombie time – with flesh-thirsty zombie convicts, African voodoo queens, and a-hole LAPD – all hot on our Zombie Tramp’s tail!


Zombie Tramp #1-3

Created, written, and illustrated by Dan Mendoza. Extras include an original cover gallery, a pinup gallery, and a preview of The Taint Train of Terror!

Zombie Tramp, Vol. 2: Taint Train of Terror (2014). Collects Zombie Tramp: The Taint Train of Terror! #1-4 (2013-14). “WARNING: This book more zombie fetish fashion, more tramp language, and more gory undead action!”

Everyone’s favorite street-walking dead returns! Janey the Zombie Tramp makes a mysterious new friend, and together they board an express train to more cartoon grindhouse mayhem in the style that fans of the series have come to love! Are Janey’s budding undead powers enough to see her through another deadly adventure on the… Taint Train of Terror?


Zombie Tramp: The Taint Train of Terror! #1-4

Created, written, and illustrated by Dan Mendoza. Extras include covers.

The ongoing series, to date, is collected in 5 trade paperback volumes …


Zombie Tramp: Vols. 3-5 [Ongoing Vols. 1-3]

Zombie Tramp, Vol. 3: Hunks an’ Chunks a Burnin’ Love (2015). Collects issues #0-4 (2014) of the ongoing series. “WARNING: This book contains gratuitous violence, strong language, and one bad-ass half-naked zombie tramp!”

Zombie Tramp begins her new ongoing adventures, learning more about her growing supernatural abilities while traveling the seedier streets the US has to offer… and what better place to start off than Sin City! But can Janey survive her encounter with the “King” of the Las Vegas sex trade?


Zombie Tramp #0-4

Created & co-written by Dan Mendoza. Co-written & colored by Jason Martin. Artwork by TMChu. Extras include covers, “Janey’s Wardrobe”, “Janey’s Spell Book”, and a pinup gallery.

Zombie Tramp, Vol. 4: Sleazy Rider (2015). Collects issues #5-8 (2014-15) of the ongoing series.

Zombie Tramp hits the open road, encountering all manner of oddities throughout the Southwest. From werewolf truckers, to “illegal” fight clubs, and lethal fast food chains. It’s enough to make a deadly detour to Detroit seem downright dreamy!!


Zombie Tramp #5-8

Created & co-written by Dan Mendoza. Co-written & colored by Jason Martin. Artwork by Dennis Budd, Anna Lencioni, Winston Young. Extras include covers, “Tramp Stamps”, “Janey’s Spell Book”, and a pinup.

Zombie Tramp, Vol. 5: Breaking Bath (2015). Collects issues #9-12 (2015) of the ongoing series.

Janey is back, fresh from a dirt nap, and continuing her cross-country quest with a stop in the Motor City. But when a bath in what appears to be an abandoned Detroit warehouse leaves rings in the tub, the meth chef resident cooks up a new drug… yep, it’s Breaking Bath Salts!! Plus an all-new major character makes her first appearance!!


Zombie Tramp #9-12

Created & co-written by Dan Mendoza. Co-written & colored by Jason Martin. Artwork by TMChu, Victoria Harris. Extras include covers, “Janey’s Spell Book”, “Janey’s Wardrobe”, and a pinup.


Zombie Tramp: Vols. 6-7 [Ongoing Vols. 4-5]

Zombie Tramp, Vol. 6: Unholy tales of the Dirty South (2016). Collects issues #13-16 (2015) of the ongoing series.

Zombie Tramp continues her cross country journey to Miami, and has now reached the deep South. Watch as she tears her way through bible thumpers, backwater sex cults, and bug-nuts-cuckoo camp slashers.

Blood runs deep in the Dirty South!


Zombie Tramp #13-16

Written by Dan Mendoza, Jason Martin and TMChu. Artwork by Dan Mendoza, Xenia Xiu, Marcello Trom, and TMChu. Extras include a cover gallery and “Janey’s Spell Book”.

Zombie Tramp, Vol. 7: Bitch Craft (2016). Collects issues #17-20 (2015-16) of the ongoing series.

Zombie Tramp heads back to school to break up a coven of teenage witches using her uploaded Necronomicon to power their tablets. But can one supernatural zombie disguised as the class nerd hold her own against a gang of spell casting mean girls?!? Plus Morning – the red head of the dead – returns!


Also …

Zombie Tramp vs. Vampblade (2016). Collects Zombie Tramp vs. Vampblade #1-3 (2015). Written & colored by Jason Martin. Co-written by Dan Mendoza. Artwork by Winston Young.

In a story too big to contain in the pages of her regular monthly series, fan favorite undead anti-heroine Zombie Tramp goes up against a new larger-then-life supernatural foe… Vampblade! Can Zombie Tramp hold her own against this new weapon-wielding dominatrix and her interdimensional vampire enemies, or has she met her sexy/crazy/cool match!?!


Vampblade, the character, was created by Zombie Tramp co-writer Jason Martin and introduced in Zombie Tramp #9. She will be featured in her own upcoming series for Action Lab: Danger Zone.


My thoughts… Like a zombie taking a bullet to the head, I fell instantly for Zombie Tramp Vol. 1 back in 2013! It delivered bloody zombie action with snappy dialogue and plenty of twists! I loved Dan Mendoza’s clean, vibrant illustrations highlighted by minimal, basic colors. Oh, and Janey’s evil zombie smile, at the end, is cool and creepy! Vol. 2 , after a misprint fiasco, delivered more gory zombie tramp carnage with Mendoza’s signature style; while the ongoing series adds fresh colors to Mendoza’s undead call girl without staining her dark heart! Zombie Tramp a guilty grindhouse pleasure! Highly recommended for fans of zombies… and tramps!

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