Girl of Steel (2013) is a short fan film written and directed by Vincent Tran. Starring Sarah McCreanor, as “Kara” (aka “Supergirl”), Jill Penfold as the CIA agent, and Michael Tribby as “Jay Garrick” (aka “The Flash”). Girl of Steel was a pilot for a web series, However, the web series was never made.

A rebellious teenage drifter (Sarah McCreanor) has a choice to save Earth from a threatening alien colonization.

Girls, guns or zombies? Supergirls!

Not rated. 5:28 run time. Watch the film here …

Watch the original film (5:28) on Vimeo (here). Watch the extended version (9:41) on Vimeo (here). The extended version of Girl of Steel incorporates a prologue set on Krypton featuring Arthur Roberts as Kara’s father Zor-El.

My thoughts… Supergirl fan films are few and far between, and good Supergirl fan films are even harder to find. Girl of Steel is the best of ’em! The original version is better. The prologue in the extended version is unnecessary.

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