Evil Aliens (2005) is a British sci-fi/horror comedy written and directed by Jake West for Falcon Media Limited. Starring Emily Booth, Samuel Butler, Jennifer Evans, Jamie Honeybourne, Peter McNeil O’Connor, Nick Smithers, Jodie Shaw, Chris Adamson, Eden Ford, and featuring Norman Lovett.

If you thought you’d seen it all, brace yourself for this jaw-dropping slice of sci-fi horror lunacy! Gruesome mutilations, inappropriate body probes and pointy weapons ranging from sports gear to chainsaws populate this gore-drenched classic of giddy alien mayhem. Looking for a hot new story, struggling Weird Worlde TV reporter Michelle Fox leads her crew to a small Welsh farming town where residents are reporting alien abductions and impregnations. Unfortunately, the TV crew’s dramatic recreation of the event turns downright nasty when the real interstellar visitors arrive, and they’re hungry for more than a close-up! A no-holds-barred fight for survival ensues, with farmers and TV crew alike falling prey to the ruthless, relentless, unstoppable Evil Aliens!

Girls, guns or zombies? British girls, guns and aliens!

Not rated. 89 minutes. Watch the trailer here …

My thoughts… Evil Aliens is awesome! It was inspired by films like Peter Jackson’s splatter comedies Bad Taste (1987) and Dead Alive (1992) and it works as well as those minor classics in both gore and funny of which there is an abundance of both! The scene, in Evil Aliens, where cameraman Ricky (Sam Butler) runs down some aliens with a combine harvester is obviously inspired by the scene in Dead Alive where Lionel (Timothy Balme) kills a whole lot of zombies with a lawnmower! Oh, and Emily Booth as Weird Worlde host Michelle “Foxy” Fox is sexy, and Jodie Shaw as actress Candy Vixen is both sexy and bad-ass! Booth returned, in a smaller role, in Jake West’s subsequent film Doghouse (2009).