Sweet Madness (2015) is a short fan film written and directed by Peter Dukes for Dream Seekers Productions. Starring Madeleine Wade as “Harley Quinn” and Micah Fitzgerald as “The Joker”.

The story centers on Harley Quinn and how she sets a deadly game in motion, the consequences of which only she is prepared for.

Girls, guns or zombies? Harley Quinn, guns and The Joker! Harley Quinn takes the Mayor and his family hostage in order to free the Joker from prison.

Not rated. 11:01 run time. Watch the film here …

Filmmaker links: website / Facebook / Youtube

My thoughts… Sweet Madness is a cerebral, well-acted Harley Quinn fan film! Madeleine Wade’s Harley Quinn is delightfully delusional and Micah Fitzgerald’s Joker, inspired by Jack Nicholson’s version, is perfectly menacing!

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