Scourge of the Undead (2007) is a fake grindhouse trailer directed by Al Lewis and Ara Soudjian. The trailer was submitted for a contest sponsored by the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival to promote the 2007 release of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s double feature Grindhouse.

From acclaimed director Tannin Bates, creator of Raw Deal McCoy… and Fright House… comes an all-new action hero… that will BLOW your ASS away! Hunt Burton. He used to be a private dick. But now he’s got a brand new bag! But Hunt Burton is about to face his biggest challenge yet! Never before has there been such horrific DEPRAVED perversity in one film! Hunt Burton knows shit from shinola. And he hates shit! Prepare yourself for an action SPECTACLE that will rip your head clean off! Hunt Burton in Scourge of the Undead!

Girls, guns or zombies? Girls, guns, zombies… and Hunt Burton!

Not rated. 1:59 run time. Watch the fake trailer here …

My thoughts… Get this movie made! This two minute trailer is filled with more great lines than most ninety minute movies!

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