Fake Number was a female-fronted Brazilian pop/rock band formed in 2007 in São Paulo. They disbanded in November 2014 after only 3 studio albums. Fake Number, in the end, was founding members Elektra (vocals) and Pinguim (guitars), with Andrew Mattera (drums) who joined in 2010. They played insanely catchy pop/rock similar to their biggest influences: Paramore, Avril Lavigne, etc.

Selected discography:


Cinco Faces de Um Segredo (2007). 13 tracks. Choice cuts: “Platônico”, “Segredos Que Guardei”, “Aquela Música”. Other good cuts: “Idéias Falsas”, “Como se Você Estivesse Aqui (Eu Sempre Soube)”, “Não Finja se Importar”, “A Cada Dia”, “Conto de Farsas”, “Procurei Em Sonhos (Como Seria)”, “Mais do Que Palavras”, “Não Quero o Seu Mal (FAKE!)”, “Apenas Mais Um”. The rest: “Fake Number”.

Fake Number (2010). 13 tracks. Choice cuts: “Platônico”, “Segredos Que Guardei”, “Aquela Música”. Choice (new) cuts: “Você Vai Lembrar”, “O Tempo”, “4 Mil Horas”. Other good cuts: “Quando Chegar”, “Perto De Mim”, “Um Final”, “Ignorar”, “Melhor Pra Nós”, “Te Deixar Ir”, “Esquecer”.

Note: “Platônico”, “Segredos Que Guardei” and “Aquela Música” are re-recorded versions of tracks from Cinco Faces de Um Segredo.

“Hora De Parar” (2010). A live acoustic performance.

“Friday” (2011). A cover of Youtube sensation Rebecca Black‘s infamous song!

“Best of You” (2012). A live acoustic cover of the Foo Fighters song.

Contra o Tempo (2012). EP. 9 tracks. Choice cuts: “Primeira Lembrança”, “Outro Mundo”. Other good cuts: “Não Volto Mais”, “O Que Faltava em Mim”, “Meu Futuro”, “Contra o Tempo”, “Pode Ir”, “Segunda Chance”, “Último Trem”.

Selected videos:

Watch a behind-the-scenes video of Elektra (Fake Number), Mia (CW7) and Lu Alone on a photo shoot for RevistaUp.com (here).

Band links: Facebook / Youtube

My thoughts… Back in the wonderful summer of 2012, I became obsessed with Brazilian rock music. I don’t remember what band actually sparked that obsession but, when it was over, Fake Number was at the top of my list of favorites! I still listen to my Fake Number playlist often, so they’re kind of just one of my favorite rock bands, Brazilian or otherwise! I was sad when I read that the band had called it quits but I’m also excited to find out what adorable singer Elektra is going to do next! I’m sure she’ll continue to make great music that I’ll love!

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