Damone was an American power pop/hard rock band from Waltham, MA, formed in 2001. The band consisted of Noelle LeBlanc (vocals/guitar), Mike Woods (guitar), Vazquez (bass) and Dustin Hengst (drums). Damone was originally formed by LeBlanc and guitarist Dave Pino as a side project of Pino’s band Waltham, but Pino departed in 2004 after Damone‘s debut was released. The band’s name was taken from the character Mike Damone played by Robert Romanus in Fast Times at Ridgement High (1982). Damone broke up in 2008.

Selected Discography:


From the Attic (2003). 11 tracks. RCA. All songs written by Dave Pino. Choice cut: “Frustrated Unnoticed”. Other good cuts: “Feel Bad Vibe”, “Your Girlfriends”, “Up To You”, “Overchay With Me”, “You And I”, “Drive Way Blues”, “On My Mind”, “Leave Me Alone”, “Carwash Romance”. The rest: “At the Mall”.

“Just What I Needed” (2005). A cover of the 1978 hit by The Cars. Featured on Substitution Mass Confusion: A Tribute to The Cars.

Out Here All Night (2006). 12 tracks. Island/Def Jam. All songs written by Mike Woods. Choice cuts: “Now Is the Time”, “You’re The One”, “Stabbed In The Heart”, “What We Came Here For”, “Out Here All Night”. Other good cuts: “Outta My Way”, “Tonight”, “Get Up And Go”, “On Your Speakers”, “When You Live”, “New Change of Heart”. The rest: “Wasted Years”.

Note: “Wasted Years” is a cover of the 1986 single by Iron Maiden.

“Everybody Wants You” (2006). A cover of the 1982 by Billy Squier. Featured in a promo for The CW television network (here).

Roll the Dice (2009). 12 tracks. Choice cuts: “Roll the Dice”, “You Could Be Mine”, “When It Ends”. Other good cuts: “Better Than You Let On”, “Obvious Things”, “The Most Of It”, “Dressed Up Like A Millionaire”, “Serial Killer”, “Bored To Death”, “Conquer Me”. The rest: “Serial Killer”, “Talk of the Town”.

Note: “You Could Be Mine” is a cover of the 1991 hit by Guns N’ Roses.

Selected videos:

Noelle LeBlanc went on to form The Organ Beats in 2008.

My thoughts… Damone was an awesome band! Actually, Damone was more like two awesome bands! Dave Pino’s songs, on From the Attic, were rooted in his band Waltham‘s signature power pop sound, while Mike Woods’ songs, post-From the Attic, were influenced by a hard rock/glam rock sound. The latter Damone sounded like Pat Benatar fronting Guns N’ Roses! Listen to “Now Is the Time”, from Out Here All Night, if you don’t believe me! Oh, and “Stabbed In The Heart” is an amazing power ballad! Should’ve been a monster hit!

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