The Tournament (2009) is an action film directed by Scott Mann and written by Gary Young, Jonathan Frank and Nick Rowntree for Sherezade Films in association with AV Pictures. Starring Robert Carlyle, Kelly Hu, Ian Sommerhalder; with Liam Cunningham and Ving Rhames.

Only one will survive. Every seven years, thrity of the world’s most deadly assassins face off against one another for an outrageous cash prize. There’s only one rule: kill or die. As dozens of wealthy gamblers watch via closed-circuit TV, a city is overrun by brutal assassins – all aiming to be the last one standing.

Girls, guns or zombies? Bad-ass Chinese assassin girls and guns!

Rated R. 95 minutes. Watch the official trailer here …

My thoughts… The Tournament is a bloody, violent, high-octane action film! It’s like Smokin’ Aces (2006) meets Battle Royale (2000)! A few years ago, I saw this DVD in Best Buy on the budget rack for, like, five bucks. I never heard of the movie, but I love Kelly Hu, so I bought it – and ended up loving it! Hu plays the deadly Chinese assassin Lai Lai Zhen. She kicks ass and gets her ass kicked, but always ends up winning! The Tournament, if nothing more, is my favorite Hu-vie! My only gripe is that Hu, who is of Chinese descent, doesn’t do a very good Chinese accent! No big deal, though, because Hu, as Lai Lai, is a bad-ass beauty and The Tournament is awesome! If you want non-stop action, watch it now!

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