Tough Cookie (2014) is a short grindhouse action film written and directed by Bobby Schmidt for Milwaukee-based Esprit Noir Productions and ISR Productions. Starring Marie Sirena, Texas Cheshier, Amanda Schulz, Linda Cieslik, Russel Scott, Moe Pull, Jett Bennett, Kasey Grant, Dustin Schmaus, Chad Halverson, and Lora Miller.

Meet the Troop Sisters – an organization that transforms orphaned girls into foxy hardened criminals packing more than just cookies into their boxes… Troop Sister member Madge (Marie Sirena) leads the pack, until she is busted for a cookie deal by rough and tough Detective Jack Solid (Texas Cheshier). After doing her time, Madge has now left her questionable past behind. That is until Biscotti (Amanda Schulz) brings Madge back to Big Mama (Linda Cieslik). A deadly assassin, Patches (Russel Scott), is killing off the sisters one by one, and has taken Madge’s friend Ginger Snaps (Lora Miller) captive. Big Mama suspects the Troop Brothers – militaristic weapons dealers eager to move in on their territory – are behind it all. Madge reluctantly agrees to help the Sisters out one last time and save her friend. Eccentric buyer Romeo (Moe Pull), bodyguard Cherub (Jett Bennett), rookie cop Officer Harris (Kasey Grant), trucker Tug (Chad Halverson) and a wild bunch of Troop Members round out the roster of unforgettable characters. It’s a Special Recipe of Honor, Betrayal, Sex, Violence, Survival, Short Skirts, Earning Badges, and so much more!

Girls, guns or zombies? Girl scouts and Hitler youth!

Watch the 2-minute trailer here …

Watch a 1-minute trailer (here) and a teaser trailer (here) which, with the 2-minute trailer above, were cut from the extended 4-minute trailer (here). The trailers were made for fundraising purposes. The completed film premiered at Wizard World Chicago on Saturday, August 23, 2014 as an Official Selection of the Wizard World Film Festival. Watch the Wizard World promo of the completed film here …

Film links: website / Facebook / Youtube / Indiegogo

My thoughts… Well, I haven’t actually seen the completed film! However, from what I’ve seen in the trailers alone, I know I’ll love this movie!

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