Tomb Raider: Book of the Dead (2012) is Lara Croft fan film written and directed by Eric Vence Green for Throwback Studioz. Starring Tory Steele as “Lara Croft”, Keith Brooks as “Robert Pierce”, and Trevor Garner as “Charlie”.

Girls, guns or zombies? Tomb-raiding girls, guns and zombies! Lara Croft must re-acquire the Book of the Dead to stop her nemesis Pierce from resurrecting an army of zombies.

Not rated. 15:09 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… OK, so Tomb Raider: Book of the Dead is very ameteurish, but I like it anyway! I really like Tory Steele as Lara Croft – especially in that black bikini she wears at the poolside gunfight!

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