On Target (2008) is a short South African action film written, produced and directed by Andrew MacDonald for Group One Films in association with Unleashed Productions and Tut Film School. Starring Zetske van Pletzen, Altsu Theart, Christopher Jaftha, and Carmilla Morsavel.

Kate Benson (Zetske Van Pletzen), a highly skilled assassin comes face to face with the one thing that she would never have expected. While a target changes the natural course of events, Kate has to ensure that the truth be known. The Agency, becoming aware of the new developments, unleashes war on Kate to ensure that she does not succeed in her new found mission. With devastation and destruction the truth will set you free.

Girls, guns or zombies? South African assassin girls, guns and parking garages!

Not rated. 20:17 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… On Target is well-written, fast-paced and very cool! Oh, and I love the alternative rock soundtrack!

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