The UVs were an American punk/rock band from Los Angeles, CA. They were Mia X (vocals/guitar), Mike Christie (lead guitar), Fabrice Ferrer (bass), Chase Manhattan (drums), and ex-Betty Blowtorch guitarist Blare N. Bitch (lead guitar). The UVs are recommended for fans of The Distillers, Hole, Joan Jett, etc.

Created in Los Angeles by Mia X – they combine their passion for rock-n-roll, punk, and the pursuit of everything loud, to create the hard, unabashed, in-your-face sound that will without doubt leave you begging for more.

Girls, guns or zombies? L.A. rocker girls and “3 Chord, High Energy – Pedal to the Metal – Punk, Rock n Roll!”

Selected discography:

The UVs (2008). 8 tracks. 4/5 rating. Choice cuts: “Freedom”, “Get Me Out”, “Nothin For Free”, “Take It As It Comes”, “Bomb”, “Loud”, “Adored”, “Angel”.

“Gimme” and “God Hates” (2011). The band’s last recorded tracks?

Selected videos:

Band links: Facebook / ReverbNation

My thoughts… I only just discovered The UVs last year when I saw them in the B-movie Devil Girl (2007) performing “Freedom” in a strip club scene. I was instantly smitten with them! Then, when I learned that ex-Betty Blowtorch guitarist Blair N. Bitch was involved, I became obsessed! Now, if only they’d make more music!