Zombie Schoolgirls, Attack!! was a proposed feature film to be written, directed and produced by George Clark for Belfast-based Yellow Fever Productions. Rachael Stewart, Chloe Sacco and Rachel Galloway were set to star in the film. However, it was unsuccessfully funded via a Kickstarter campaign.

Clark says: “Think Powerpuff Girls meets Kick-Ass, World War Z directed by Jackie Chan.”

Sophie, Cindy, and Katy are the Schoolgirls Alliance, a crack team of teen aged bounty hunters who are rounding up “half breed” zombies freed after a disastrous raid on the UZRF (Ulster Zombie Research Foundation). They’re so successful that fellow Bounty Hunters collectively decide to wipe them out, so facing off against the undead soon becomes the least of their worries.

Girls, guns or zombies? Schoolgirls, martial arts and zombies!

Watch the teaser for the proposed film here …

My thoughts… Schoolgirls kicking zombie ass? Sign me up!

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