You Are So Undead (2010) is a short Canadian “teen vampire sex comedy” directed by Alex Epstein, written by Lisa Hunter, and funded by Bravo!FACT. Starring Meaghan Rath [Syfy’s Being Human (2011-14)], Erin Agostino, Éléonore Lamothe, Kaniehtiio Horn [Netflix’s Hemlock Grove (2013- )], and Christina Broccolini.

Complications with family and friends ensue when a 16-year-old girl lets her boyfriend “go all the way”, turning her into a vampire.

Girls, guns or zombies? Teenage vampire girls and lesbians!

Not rated. 5:43 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… You Are So Undead is a humorous short film with two lovely leads and an unexpected final twist!

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