Le Butcherettes is Mexican garage punk band formed in 2007 in Guadalajara by Teri Gender Bender [born Teresa Suarez in 1989] (vocals/guitar/keyboards). Omar Rodríguez-López, of The Mars Volta, who produced the band’s first three albums and played bass guitar on the first two, is Teri Gender Bender’s only consistent collaborator with the band. Le Butcherettes sound like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs meet Le Tigre, and Teri Gender Bender’s style has been compared to Karen O (of Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and Siouxsie Sioux (of Siouxsie and the Banshees).

Girls, guns or zombies? Mexican riot grrrls and garage punk guitars!

Selected discography:

Sin Sin Sin (2011). 13 tracks. 5/5 rating. Choice cuts: “Bang!”, “All You See in Me is Death”, “I’m Getting Sick of You”, “New York”, “Tainted in Sin”, “Tonight”, “Henry Don’t Got Love”, “Dress Off”, “Riko’s Smooth Talking Mothers”, “Empty Dimes”, “The Actress That Ate Rousseau”.

Cry is for the Flies (2014). 11 tracks. 3/4 rating. Choice cuts: “Your Weakness Gives Me Life”, “My Child”, “Demon Stuck In Your Eye”, “The Gold Chair Ate the Fire Man”, “Crying Out to the Flies”, “Boulders Love Over Layers of Rock”, “Burn the Scab”.

A Raw Youth (2015). 12 tracks. 4/4 rating. Choice cuts: “Shave the Pride”, “My Mallely”, “Reason to Die Young”, “They Fuck You Over”, “Stab My Back”, “Witchless C Spot”, “La Uva”, “Lonely & Drunk”, “My Half”.

Note: “La Uva”, sung in Spanish, features proto-punk icon Iggy Pop.

Selected videos:

Watch this awesome interview at Kids Interview Bands (here)!

Teri Gender Bender was actually born in Denver, CO; but, after her father’s death, she moved to Guadalajara with her mother. She was 13 years old. Then, after being signed to Omar Rodríguez-Lopez’s label, she moved to Los Angeles to record Le Butcherettes‘ full-length debut. With Rodríguez-López, Teri Gender Bender is also a member of Bosnian Rainbows and Kimono Cult. The latter band features ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante.

Band links: website / Facebook / Bandcamp

My thoughts… Is Le Butcherettes really a Mexican band? Or a Mexican-American band? Le Butcherettes is an awesome band, and Teri Gender Bender is a talented rock musician! Start with the songs “Bang!” and “All You See in Me is Death”, from Sin Sin Sin, if you haven’t heard Le Butcherettes before! Also, check out their debut EP Kiss & Kill (2008) on which the band channels riot grrrl pioneers Bikini Kill!