Dead@17 is a horror comic book series created by Josh Howard. Published by Viper Comics (2003-08) and Image Comics (2009-15). Dead@17 was originally published as seven complete (mini-)series collected in separate volumes. Written and illustrated by Josh Howard.

When seventeen year old Nara Kilday is murdered at the hands of an unknown assailant, the quiet suburb of Darlington Hills is turned upside down. As Nara’s best friend Hazy grapples with the mystery of her friend’s untimely demise, shocking secrets are uncovered that reveal a darker side to Nara that she never knew. Meanwhile, a hidden evil has emerged, raising an army of the undead bent on reshaping the world in its own image. Among the dead is Nara herself, whose miraculous return may signal the impending march towards Armageddon!

Girls, guns or zombies? Adorable comic book girls, axes and demons!


Dead@17 volumes 1-7 original print editions


Dead@17 volumes 1-6 Kindle editions

Viper Comics collected volumes 1-3 as Dead@17: Compendium Edition (April 2008). Extras included a cover gallery, posters & promos, a pinup gallery, and a fan gallery. Image Comics collected volumes 1-4 as Dead@17: Ultimate Edition (2009). Extras included a pinup gallery. The entire series (volumes 1-7) will be collected by Image Comics as Dead@17: The Complete Collection in December 2015.


Dead@17 collected print editions

Dead@17: The Complete First Series (May 2004). Published by Viper Comics.

Something sinister is emerging in the small town of Darlington Hills. At the center of it are Nara Kilday and Hazy Foss your average teenage girls. The best of friends, they share a unique bond. But when tragedy strikes, a dark secret is revealed that will change their world forever.


Collects issues #1-4 of the first series Dead@17. Extras include “D@17: Sketchbook” and “D@17: The Beginning”.

Dead@17: Blood of Saints (September 2004). Published by Viper Comics.

As 17 year old Nara Kilday struggles to understand her destiny, a mysterious new evil begins to emerge that has her dead in its sights. To make matters worse, Nara’s friendship with Hazy is put to the ultimate test and things may never be the same between them.


Collects issues #1-4 of the second series Dead@17: Blood of Saints. Extras include “Sketchbook”, “Anatomy of a Cover”, “Issue 3 Limited Edition Cover”, and “Unused Promo Art for Texas Tour”.

Dead@17: Revolution (May 2005). Published by Viper Comics.

As Nara and Noel search for the whereabouts of Violet Grey, a radical group known as Heaven’s Militia attempts an assassination on a popular U.S. Senator, believing him to be more than he appears.


Collects issues #1-4 of Dead@17: Revolution. Extras include “Sketchbook”.

Dead@17: The 13th Brother (June 2008). Published by Viper Comics.

When Zachary Pitch, son of Abraham Pitch, arrives in Darlington Hills to settle his father’s affairs, an encounter with a meteor shower and a 17 year old girl named Asia Black forever alter the course of his life.


Collects issues #1-4 of Dead@17: The 13th Brother plus two additional issues not originally published in single magazine format. Extras include a cover gallery and fan pics.

Dead@17: Afterbirth (December 2009). Published by Image Comics.

A group called “The Marked” rises to prominence, championed by self-appointed civil rights activist Zachary Pitch. But Nara, suspecting something more sinister lies at the heart of the movement, takes drastic measures to bring the truth to light.


Collects issues #1-4 of Dead@17: Afterbirth. Extras include a pin up gallery.

Dead@17: The Witch Queen (April 2011). Published by Image Comics.

Doomed to wander a hostile and timeless wasteland ruled by the mysterious Witch Queen, Nara has accepted her banishment to Purgatory as penance for her actions. Haunted by her past, she faces her greatest challenge as she confronts who she’s been and what she will become.


Collects issues #1-4 of Dead@17: The Witch Queen. Extras include a sketchbook.

Dead@17: The Blasphemy Throne (July 2015). Published by Image Comics.

THE 7th and FINAL CHAPTER IN THE DEAD@17 SAGA! For over a decade, Nara Kilday has gone up against the worst Hell has to offer, Losing many friends and allies along the way. Now she faces her greatest nemesis with all of creation hanging in the balance. Every fight, every battle, every life, every death, every blood soaked moment has been leading to this one unforgettable ending.


Collects issue #1-7 of Dead@17: The Blasphemy Throne.

Other Dead@17-related books include …


Dead@17: Rough Cut, Vol. 1 (August 2004). Published by Viper Comics. The 1st book in a series of Dead@17 anthologies with stories by various comic book writers/artists. Includes: “Catalyst” [written & illustrated by Josh Howard], “Amputation” [written by Alex Hamby, illustrated by Martin Abel], “Simon’s Night” [written by Egg Embry, illustrated by Benjamin Hall], “Dead Air” [written by Jason M. Burns, illustrated by Scotty Law], “Fight to Live” [written by David Hopkins, illustrated by Sean Stephens], “Fast Food” [written & illustrated by Patrick Bussey].

Dead@17: Rough Cut, Vol. 2 (February 2005). Published by Viper Comics. The 2nd book in a series of Dead@17 anthologies with stories by various comic book writers/artists. Includes: “The Sparrow” [written by David Hopkins, illustrated by Guy Lemay], “Dear Diary” [written by Joe Breeden, illustrated by Cal Slayton], “Next Days” [written by & illustrated by Kazu Kibuishi], “Blood, Spit & Gun Powder” [written by Greg Gatlin, illustrated by Brent Schoonover], “The Time Between” [written by Alex Hamby, illustrated by Benjamin Hall], “Intersection” [written & illustrated by Josh Howard], “Special Delivery” [written & illustrated by Pat Bussey], “You’ll Have That” [written & illustrated by Wes Molebash], “Bored at 17” [written & illustrated by Brian Thompson].

Dead@17: Rough Cut, Vol. 3 (October 2005). Published by Viper Comics. The 3rd and final book in a series of Dead@17 anthologies with stories by various comic book writers/artists. Includes: “Annunciation” [written by Jake Black, illustrated by Josh Boulet], “Digging Up the Past” [written by & illustrated by Benjamin Hall], “Nosebleed” [written by & illustrated by Nicc Balce], “Twilight Days” [written by Raven Gregory, illustrated by Josh Howard]. Also includes: “Protectorate Preview”, “Obituaries” and “Pinup Gallery”.

Misplaced@17 (December 2004). Published by Devil’s Due Publishing. A one-shot crossover with Josh Blaylock’s comic book series Misplaced “starring Alyssa from Realm 17, a high-tech utopia where those who question authority aren’t treated kindly.” The story takes place after Misplaced #4 and before Dead@17: Blood of Saints. Story/art (pages 1-41) by Josh Blaylock. Story/art (pages 42-45) by Josh Howard.


Dead@17: Protectorate (October-December 2005). Published by Viper Comics. A 3-issue prequel mini-series to Dead@17 written by Benjamin Hall and illustrated by Marlena Hall.

Dead@17: SourceBook (January 2010). Published by Image Comics. Written and illustrated by Josh Howard.

My thoughts… Dead@17 is my second favorite comic book series [after Tim Seeley’s Hack/Slash], but Josh Howard is my #1 favorite comic book artist! He draws the cutest, most adorably sexy girls in the entire comic book universe! Asia Black, from Dead@17: The 13th Brother, is one of his most adorable creations! However, the Dead@17 series isn’t just about cute girls – Dead@17 is about relatable characters, a complex pseudo-religious mythology and a compelling epic story!

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