Pussycat Kill is a female-fronted Spanish punk rock band from Madrid formed in 2012. They are Sophie (vocals/guitar), Anne (bass guitar), Walter (lead guitar), and Gatsu (drums). Sophie sings in English. Pussycat Kill plays melodic three-chord punk and cites as influences Rancid, The Distillers, Texas Terri, The Casualties, and Bad Religion.

Girls, guns or zombies? Heavily-tattooed Spanish punk rock girls and guitars!

Selected discography:

“Blood and Revolution” (January 2014). Geek Records.

Faster Than Punk (May 2014). 12 tracks. Geek Records. Choice cuts: “Whiskey Love”, “Eat You”, “Kill My Baby”, “All Night Long”, “Don’t Go Away”, “Wake Up”, “We Say No”, “One Two Three”, “She Said”, “Faster Than Punk”, “Coming For You”.

Selected videos:

Sophie [Hernandez] is, apparently, a big fan of B-movie actress Tura Satana who is best known for her role in Russ Meyer’s 1965 exploitation classic Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Sophie’s love is obvious in her current band’s name as well as the look she favored in her previous band Reducers (here).

Band links: website / Facebook / Bandcamp

My thoughts… Pussycat Kill is the closest you’ll get to hearing The Distillers, circa 2000-2002, live in 2015! Faster Than Punk (2014) is a highly-charged and insanely addictive debut! Sophie‘s gravelly vocal delivery not only recalls that of Brody Dalle but that of Civet‘s Liza Graves as well!

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