GirlFIEND (2015) is an original graphic novel created, written and illustrated by The Pander Brothers. Published by Dark Horse Originals.

The Pander Brothers are back and bloodthirsty with GirlFIEND, their new vampire crime thriller! The brothers’ first major work in comics in a decade, this meaty graphic novel finds them going back to what they do best: Taking comics to the edge. Known for their groundbreaking art in Grendel: Devil’s Legacy, their terrifying Exquisite Corpse series, and their revolutionary epic Triple-X, the Pander Brothers now sink their teeth into this pulp-infused thriller in which a human and his vampire girlfriend hunt the criminal underworld to keep their love alive. Nothing could go wrong with that plan, right?

Girls, guns or zombies? Sexy vampire girls, guns and gangsters!

My thoughts… GirlFIEND is a bloody, violent and action-packed graphic novel that mixes a dark vampire love story with a gritty crime thriller! GirlFIEND is told in a very cinematic style and, as such, demands to be adapted into a live-action film! I would watch the hell out that movie – if it’s done indie-style! Who would play Nick and Katrina? Ronen Rubinstein and Grace Phipps! Watch them as troubled young lovers in the horror film Some Kind of Hate (2015) [here]. Perfect!