dragSTER is an English punk rock n roll band formed in Coventry (West Midlands) in 2005. They are Fi Dragster (vocals), Diesel (rhythm guitar), Ben Kelly (lead guitar), Tom AK (bass), and Ryan Murphy (drums). They “have a love of dirty, fast and energetic music, 50’s iconography, sci-fi and B-movie horror.” dragSTER cites as influences: “50s rock n roll, 60s garage, 70s/80s punk, 90s grunge, Elvis, Eddie Cochrane, Wanda Jackson, MC5, Stooges, The Damned, Misfits, Sex Pistols, The Cramps, Dead Kennedys, Mudhoney, Supersuckers, Social Distortion.”

Girls, guns or zombies? “Dragstrip Girls with AK47s”!

Selected discography:


Step Into The Deathray (2006). Noisemaker Records (Germany). Produced by Rat Scabies [of The Damned]. 12 tracks. 5/5 rating. Choice cuts: “Step Into The Deathray”, “Dirty Jean Get Dead”, “Trailer Trash”, “Dragstrip Girls With AK47s”, “Narcotic Zombie”, “11AM”, “Hot Rod Devil Rock”, “Bloodsucker Suicide”, “Killer Bees”, “Eat the Dirt” “Redneck”, “Wife Beater”.

Here Come The Meat Robots (2010). STP Records. 10 tracks. 5/5 rating. Choice cuts: “Slasher Movie”, “Johnny Massacre”, “Speed, Whiskey, Sex and Rock N Roll”, “Kill Voodoo Kill”, “Teenage Motorcycle Killer Gangs from Japan”, “My Baby Is the Creature from the Black Lagoon”, “Weekend Punk”, “Here Come the Meat Robots”, “Silent Violence”, “Drunk”.

Dead Punk (2014). STP Records. 13 tracks. 5/5 rating. Choice cuts: “Dead Punk”, “Indonesian Buzz Cut”, “The Dead Are Out In Droves”, “Fight Fire With Gasoline”, “Liar Like That”, “Skull Ring”, “Evil Craze”, “Cattle Prod”, “Death By A Thousand Cuts”, “Drink You Pretty”, “Terminal Loser”, “Gatecrasher Hostage”, “Just Wanna Fuck”.

Selected videos:

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My thoughts… I stumbled on dragSTER over at the stepunker Youtube channel where videos of (mostly) female-fronted punk and alternative bands performing live in small U.K. clubs are posted. I discovered a lot of cool (mostly U.K.) bands there, but dragSTER is one of my favorites! I love their energetic blend of rock, punk, horror punk, and psychobilly! Zombies, slashers, vampires, voodoo, killer bees, dragstrip girls, teenage motorcycle killer gangs, and more!