Razor Sharp: Renegade (2015) is an [upcoming] sci-fi/action film set in a cyberpunk future [to be] written and directed by Marcus Perry for M-Pact Films. Starring Amy Johnston as high-tech thief Veronica Sharpe.

Impenetrable fortresses, SWAT-trained security forces, the occasional piece of malfunctioning gear; it’s all in a night’s work for quirky thief, Veronica Sharpe. But when she breaks into the most high-tech weapons manufacturing facility in the world, her business turns anything but usual when the technology she’s there to steal is revealed to be a brilliant little girl with a devastating secret. Set in a cyberpunk future, and loaded with action and laughs, Razor Sharp is one thrill-ride that would be criminal to miss.

Girls, guns or zombies? Amy Johnston, martial arts and bubble gum!

Watch the “style test” for the feature film here …

Razor Sharp: Renegade is a re-imagining of the short sci-fi/action film Razor Sharp (2006) written and directed by Marcus Perry and starring Cassidy Freeman [Tess Mercer in The CW’s Smallville and Cady Longmire in A&E’s Longmire] as Veronica Sharpe. The award-winning film also stars Michael T. Weiss [Jarod in NBC’s The Pretender], Adam Gregor and Skye McCole Bartusiak.

Impenetrable fortresses, SWAT trained security forces, the occasional piece of malfunctioning gear; it’s all in a day’s work for corporate thief Veronica Sharpe. But business turns anything but usual when she’s hired by her underworld boss Rory Dex to steal an exotic codebreaker from a high-security skyscraper. After rallying with her mentor, a grizzled Russian named Karloff Bryce, a plan to breach the tower’s defenses is born. However, the one contingency Veronica could never anticipate is the strain the job will place on her morality and skill once she’s confronted with the dark reality of the codebreaker itself. Set in a near-future world where corporations strangle the globe, Razor Sharp blends a surprising amount of humor with pulse-pounding action to create an experience that is truly criminal to miss.

Not rated. 25:43 run time. Watch the film here …

Watch Razor Sharp on Vimeo (here).

My thoughts… Razor Sharp (2006) is an awesome short action film! However, Marcus Perry’s “style test” for Razor Sharp: Renegade promises an even better feature film! I hope he succeeds in getting his new vision financed! Of course, I might be biased because I love stuntwoman/actress Amy Johnston!

Get this film made!

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