Zombie Killers (2013) is a zombie film written and directed by Ron McPherson for Creative HQ. Starring Eve Mauro, Aoni Ma, Amy Johnston, and Eric Roberts. The film was supposed to be released in episodes via Zombie Killer TV.

When a secret military experiment goes wrong a horrible disease is unleashed turning millions into flesh eating zombies. Three girls become ruthless zombie killers and set out to save the world by rescuing the President’s son who carries the only known antidote.

Girls, guns or zombies? Girls, guns, swords, chainsaws, and zombies!

Watch the film’s official preview here …

Here’s an extended synopsis:

The military is about to reveal a powerful chemical weapon to U.S. top ranking officials when they realize their test subject has gone missing. The baffled scientists panic when they see that their infected gerbil test subject is somehow on the loose. The stray gerbil is found by teenagers who take it home to keep it as a pet. The gerbil turns on the kids, bites them, and unleashes a widespread infection that will ultimately destroy the world.

When some of the town’s locals get word of crazy people attacking & eating one another, they get involved. Frankie is the sexy hot rod mechanic that knows how to shift gears and kick major ass. Mia is the martial artist that unleashes total mayhem with a variety of ancient weapons. Jessie the Actress, doesn’t want to get her face eaten off, so… hello Zombie Killer.

Worldwide military forces have disappeared in an area called the Red Zone, a place no one has ever returned from. The President’s son has gone missing while transporting the only known antidote near the Red Zone. Now the Government wants the girls to go on a daring rescue mission to recover him and the secret cure. They’ve got 24 hours to train and deploy. It’s just the beginning of an adventure that may save the world from ultimate destruction.

My thoughts… Based on the official preview above, Zombie Killers is the best damn zombie movie I’ve never seen! Of course, once again, I might be biased because I love stuntwoman/actress Amy Johnston! However, her exceptional martial arts skills aren’t really utilized in this cool preview, but actress/model Eve Mauro and stuntwoman/actress Aoni Ma more than make up for it! And, Eric Roberts? Now, I don’t know if more episodes were ever posted on Zombie Killer TV [there’s none there now] or if a completed film exists but, if it does – I need to see it!

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