My Sucky Teen Romance (2011) is a horror/comedy written and directed by Emily Hagins for Cheesy Nuggets Productions. Starring Elaine Hurt, Patrick Delgado, Santiago Dietche, Lauren Lee, Tony Vespe, Lauren Vunderink, and Devin Bonnée. Featuring Sam Eidson and Tina Rodriguez.

SpaceCON’s supposed to be the most fun weekend of the year… and it was until a real-life vampire robbed the local grocery store and bit Paul and Cindy, turning them into bloodsuckers. A few extra weirdos around would normally be no biggie, but Kate and her friend were planning on using the weekend to meet guys. When Paul accidentally gives her the hickey from Hell, Kate’s suddenly turned into one of the undead. Now it’s up to her geeky friends to drop their loser status and kick some vampire butt, or Kate’s gonna be attending permanent night school from now on! Teen writer/director Emily Hagins takes a bite out of modern pop vampires in this hilarious, bloody tale which proves once and for all that love, like, totally sucks!

Girls, guns or zombies? Adorable teen girls, geeks and vampires!

Not rated. 77 minutes. Watch the SXSW trailer here …

Watch the trailer on Vimeo (here).

My thoughts… Emily Hagins directed My Sucky Teen Romance, her third feature film, when she was 17 years old! She directed her first feature film Pathogen (2004) when she was 12 years old! However, when I first watched My Sucky Teen Romance, I didn’t know it was directed by a teenage filmmaker and I would never have guessed it! My Sucky Teen Romance definitely does not suck! In fact, the film is delightfully charming! Hagins’ witty script is delivered with sincerity by a talented young cast and, truth be told, I would’ve loved this film just as much if it was just about these awesome characters hanging out at SpaceCON (without, you know, the whole real-life vampire thing)! Elaine Hurt as Kate, in particular, is fantastic – and adorable! Oh, and I love the song that plays over the closing credits! It’s called “The Kids” by Whoa, Palomino featuring actor Santiago Dietche on guitar!

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