Devil’s Den (2006) is an American horror film directed by Andrew Quint [aka Jeff Burr] and written by Mitch Gould for IDT Entertainment. Starring Kelly Hu, Devon Sawa, Ken Foree, Karen Maxwell, Steven Schubb, Dawn Olivieri, and Ken O’Hara.

During a routing Spanish Fly-smuggling trip back from Mexico, two friends stumble upon an out-of-the-way gentlemen’s club with no cover charge and plenty of sexy, friendly ladies. But what feels like lap dance heaven is actually a recruiting station for an army of the flesh-eating undead. Now a drug-dealing film geek (Devon Sawa of Idle Hands and Final Destination), a trigger-happy assassin (Kelly Hu of X-Men 2 and The Scorpion King), a samurai demon hunter (Ken Foree of Dawn of the Dead and The Devil’s Rejects) and an airhead cocktail waitress (Karen Russell) must battle ferocious hordes of gut-ripping strippers whose pimp-daddy is Satan himself. FHM and Deal or No Deal model Dawn Olivieri co-stars in this skin-baring bloodbath where the horny meet the horned, beautiful women can be soul-sucking ghouls, and every man’s road to Hell leads straight into the Devil’s Den.

The final battle for the soul of mankind will be fought in a bar full of possessed strippers!

Girls, guns or zombies? Female assassins, guns, strippers and demons!

Not rated. 84 minutes. Watch the trailer here …

My thoughts… Devil’s Den is my second favorite Hu-vie [i.e, movies starring Kelly Hu] after her action film The Tournament (2009)! Devil’s Den is like Night of the Demons (1988) meets From Dusk till Dawn (1996)! Hu plays an assassin named Caitlin! Seriously, her name is Caitlin and she’s an assassin! Caitlin kicks demon ass with her fists, her feet, her two 9mm’s, and even Leonard’s samurai sword! Devil’s Den is gory good fun! My only gripe is that Devon Sawa looks so horribly bloated! He deflated and toned up for his role as Owen Elliott in Maggie Q’s Nikita re-boot (2010-13)! Oh, and the epilogue sets up the film’s demon-fighting trio for a battle with werewolves but, alas, a sequel was never made!

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