Nemhain is a London-based punk/metal band named after the mythological Celtic goddess of battle fury. Nemhain was formed by Adrian Erlandsson [ex-Cradle of Filth] (drums) and his wife, model/actress Amber Erlandsson [aka Morrigan Hel] (vocals), in 2006. The band’s line-up is completed with Lakis Kyriacou (guitar), Sam Astley (guitar) and Lisa “The Witch” Dickinson (bass). Nemhain plays “blues-stained punk rock doom”. Influences include Danzig, Motörhead, The DistillersThe Gits, PJ Harvey, Black Sabbath, Nirvana, and more.

Girls, guns or zombies? Sexy fetish models and punk/metal guitars!

Selected discography:

“Die Die My Darling” (2007). A cover of the 1984 single by the Misfits. Featured on Anniversary of Brutality: A Worldwide Tribute To The Misfits.

From the Ashes (2010). Debut album. 12 tracks. 5/5 rating. Choice cuts: “From the Ashes”, “ANA”, “Second Skin”, “Speed Queen”, “Dirty Weekend”, “Jane Doe #1”, “Heroin Child”, “Mr. Bronson”, “Clear My Eyes”, “Girls Like Honey”, “The Filth And The Fury”, “Babylonia”.

Note: “Second Skin” is a cover of the 1992 song by The Gits.

Selected videos:

Band links: website / Facebook / ReverbNation

My thoughts… Nemhain‘s debut rages furiously with metallic riffs, punk beats and Morrigan Hel’s lyrics about sex and addiction! I didn’t discover From the Ashes until 2013 but it was definitely one of my favorites of that year! Nemhain has played both The Distillers“Hall of Mirrors” and Nirvana‘s “Rape Me” live and I would love to hear either of those as a cover on their next album!

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