Strippers vs Werewolves (2012) is a British werewolf comedy directed by Jonathan Glendening for Black and Blue Films. Written by Pat Higgins. Screenplay by Pat Higgins and Phillip Barron. Starring Ali Bastian, Martin Compston, Sarah Douglas, Alan Ford, Billy Murray, Barbara Nedeljakova, Nick Nevern, Simon Phillips, Adele Silva. Introducing Lucy Pinder and Charlie Bond. With Lysette Anthony, Steven Berkoff, Martin Kemp, and Robert Englund.

The Silvadollaz strip club usually rocks at night, but tonight, a private dance gets hairy and ends in exotic dancer Justice defending herself – with a silver fountain pen to the brute’s eye. The blood feud that follows pits Strippers vs Werewolves. When the corpse turns up, pack leader Jack swears revenge and sets his bloodthirsty boys on the scent. Unfortunately, his second-in-command, Scott, is engaged to sweet Justice – and a love bite during a sexy interlude may end up turning her into a werewolf, as well. Strippers toting shotguns. Werewolves with low self-esteem. Bright lights, skimpy outfits, buckets of blood, and Robert Englund as a patriarch hound with a taste for the ladies. Strippers vs Werewolves is a sexy, raunchy, bloody good time.

Girls, guns or zombies? Strippers, guns and werewolves!

Not rated. 93 minutes. Watch the UK trailer here …

My thoughts… Strippers vs Werewolves is not related to Zombie Strippers even though Robert Englund stars in the latter and makes a cameo appearance in the former. However, like Zombie Strippers, Strippers vs Werewolves is not as bad as you might think! In fact, it’s way better than you think – and much better than Zombie Strippers! Why? Well, all of the strippers in Strippers vs Werewolves are not only sexy but charming as well! In addition, the film delivers a more engaging plot with several twists. My only gripe is with the ridiculous werewolf make-up. The men look like rockabilly elves, with pointed ears, massive sideburns, and fangs; while, the strippers, who become werewolves in the end, look like adorable puppy-girls, with pointed ears and fangs! However, it’s still great B-movie fun!

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