RED QUEEN (2014) is “a Harley Quinn-inspired fan film” created by Sheridyn Fisher and Kerryn Williams for Sydney-based Mechanical Minds Studios. Directed by Daniel Maher and Salim Tighnavard. Written by Daniel Maher and Kerryn Williams. Starring Sheridyn Fisher (Red Queen/Harley Quinn), Kasia Stelmach (Sorkin/Harleen Quinzel), Beau Baker (Nolan/Harley’s Conscience), and Kyle Rowling (Guilt).

Set inside the mind of Harley Quinn as her guilt forces a confrontation with her original persona.

Not rated. 7:19 run time. Watch the film here …

Watch a making-of video (here).

My thoughts… This film is a dark, surrealistic nightmare! I would love to see this creepy vision of the character expanded into a feature-length horror film!

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