Tomb Raider: Reboot (2013) is a two-part short fan film by David ‘dwyz’ Wayman and Dan Brand. Starring Teya Simone as “Lara 2006” and Alexandra Lyon as “Lara 2013”. Also starring Richard Lee O’Donnell, Dan Brand, Steve Askey, and Richard Reynolds. “Lara Croft goes on a quest, looking for a new beginning.”

Girls, guns or zombies? Two tomb-raiding girls, swords and amulets!

Not rated. 7:08 run time [Part 1]. 8:17 run time [Part 2]. Watch the films here …

My thoughts… Tomb Raider: Reboot is good. Part 1 is kind of slow, but Part 2 has a really good sword fight. However, I like this fan film mostly because of the two very lovely Lara‘s!

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