Riley Rewind (2013) is a sci-fi/drama web series written by and starring Youtube personality Anna Akana and directed by fellow Youtube personality Ray William Johnson. The series also stars Lamar Legend, Leana Spear, Cassandra Van Dongen, Russell Lewis, Christina Marie Leonard, Eric Braun, Trevor Dow, Scott Higgins, and Ray William Johnson.

A high schooler named Riley Brown uses her ability to travel back in time in order to stop a bomb from destroying her school.

Not rated. The episodes are:

  • Act 1 (2013). 11:38 run time.
  • Act 2 (2013). 8:35 run time.
  • Act 3 (2013). 8:54 run time.
  • Act 4 (2013). 10:15 run time.
  • Act 5 (2013). 10:24 run time.

Watch the episodes here …

Or, if you like, watch it as a 46-minute movie on Amazon Prime Instant Video (here) or, currently, on Netflix (here).

Anna Akana links: website/Facebook/Youtube

Ray William Johnson links: Facebook/Youtube

My thoughts… Riley Rewind is an absolutely wonderful web series! Anna Akana’s time-travel twist is irresistible but her spirited performance breathes life into her cautionary tale!

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