Amy vs 7 (2011) is short action film directed, shot and edited by Christopher C. Cowan for Thousand Pounds Action Company. Starring Amy Johnston (Amy), Al Pitman (One/Tae Kwon Do Opponent), Darren Bailey (Two/Muay Thai Opponent), James Young (Three/Jeet Kune Do Opponent), David ‘Dax’ Bauer (Four/Ju Jitsu Opponent), Brendon Huor (Five/Karate Opponent), Vonzell Carter (Six/Boxing Opponent), Nick Benseman (Seven/Kali Opponent), Kei Hirayama (Master), and Adam Radick (Bouncer). Amy vs 7 is a “conceptual piece” that Thousand Pounds Action Company “finished 4 years ago in conjunction with Jace Hall and HDFILMS.”

Not rated. 7:50 running time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… Amy vs 7 is an awesome showcase for the skills of Amy Johnston, as well as the talents of Thousand Pounds Action Company!

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