Big Deke 6: Unfuckwithable (2007) is a fake grindhouse trailer directed by Ben Foster and Scott Snyder. Submitted for a contest sponsored by the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival to promote the 2007 release of Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s double feature Grindhouse.

After twenty years removed from a world he once owned, Deke Thornton is back! It’s Big Deke 6: Unfuckwithable! He’s got two fists – they’re both punching! This time, he’ll stop at nothing! He’s always one step ahead… leaving his enemies one step behind! His girlfriend betrayed him! His enemies put him away! Deke Thornton is back, and he’s looking for one thing! It’s six times the fury! Six times the sexy! Six times the justice! Big Deke 6: Unfuckwithable!

Girls, guns or zombies? Girls, guns… and Deke Thornton!

Not rated. 2:06 run time. Watch the fake trailer here …

Watch the trailer in HD […and censored for nudity] (here).

My thoughts… Big Deke 6: Unfuckwithable, the “cult classic 1973 film”, is a gritty action-fest inspired by old-school Chuck Norris movies. It would make a perfect double feature with Scourge of the Undead (here)! Oh, hell yeah, I’d watch Deke Thornton and Hunt Burton together!

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