Yo-Yo Girl Cop (2006) is a Japanese action film directed by Kenta Fukasaku for Toei Company. Screenplay by Shoichi Maruyama. Original story by Shinji Wada. Starring Aya Matsuura, Rika Ishikawa, Erika Miyoshi, Yui Okada, Yuki Saito, Hiroyuki Nagato, Shunsuke Kubosuka, and Riki Takeuchi. Released in the U.S. by Magnolia Pictures.

Intense Non-Stop Action!

Highly-trained in martial arts, armed with a deadly steel yo-yo and an undercover identity, K infiltrates an elite high school, Seisen Academy. Her mission: to identify and eliminate suspected terrorists. Her only lead is an underground website with an ominous timer counting down the minutes. Wielding her deadly yo-yo, K must stop the terrorists before they achieve their apocalyptic plot to destroy the city.

Yo-Yo Girl Cop is the third live-action adaptation of the popular manga Sukeban Deka [translated as “Delinquent Girl Detective”] by Shinji Wada.

Girls, guns or zombies? Japanese school girls, guns and weaponized yo-yos!

Not rated. 99 minutes. Watch the trailer here …

Director Kenta Fukasaku is the son of Japanese cult filmmaker Kinji Fukasaku, who is best known for films such as Battles Without Honor and Humanity (1972), Legend of the Eight Samurai (1983) and Battle Royale (2000). Kenta completed Battle Royale II: Requiem (2003) after Kinji died during production.


My thoughts… Kenta Fukasaku’s Yo-Yo Girl Cop is like Mean Girls (2004) meets 21 Jump Street (2012) – with deadly weaponized yo-yos! Sure, it all sounds dumb but it’s not! Well, actually, it’s not as dumb as you think it would be! The climactic fight scene is worth the price of admission alone! Oh, and pop singer Aya Matsuura is bad-ass and adorable! Kenta Fukasaku also directed X-Cross (2007).

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