Bitter Sweet (2006) is a short suspense/thriller written, directed, shot, edited, and scored by Chris .R. Notarile for Blinky Productions. Starring Niki Notarile, Natalie Laspina and Brandon Slagle.

Niki Notarile and Natalie Laspina star in this psychological drama about a woman being held hostage by her own mind. Watch in awe as Niki becomes the vicious Jean as she holds her counterpart, Amy (Natalie) at gun point.

Girls, guns or zombies? Girls, guns an multiple personalities!

Not rated. 5:35 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… I’m a big fan of filmmaker Chris .R. Notarile, and he’s a friend of my other blog. Bitter Sweet, despite its lower production quality, is a very good thriller. However, I think it might have worked better if the final shot [pun intended] was the only shot that revealed the great twist. See also Split (2012).

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