2:22 (2009) is a short horror film written and directed by Steven Shea for Abyssmal Entertainment. Starring Tara Lightfoot and Adam Lopez.

After an incredible night out with her girlfriends, Vickie Palmer is wrenched from her peaceful slumber and cast mercilessly into a world spinning out of control.

Writhing half naked on the cold porcelain tile of her bathrom floor, Vickie desperately tries to piece together the tragic turn of events that has twisted her once carefree life into a nightmare of pain and suffering.

But when she discovers the truth, will it be too late to save her from eternal damnation?

Girls, guns or zombies? Girls, clubs, guys and vampires!

Not rated. 8:26 run time. Watch the film here …

My thoughts… I loved Tara Lightfoot as Betty Beretta in Steven Shea’s segment of the anthology horror film Doomsday County (2010), and my desire to see more of her led me to this cool short film! It’s like The Hangover (2009)  – with vampires!