R.E.D.D. is an indie sci-fi/action film written, directed, scored, and edited by Patrick A. Prejusa for WTW Movie Company. Starring April Crum, Chris Plouffe, Amanda Elizabeth, Alethea Delmage, Eve Butler, Jennifer Russoli, and Richard Gaither.

In the Year 2233, an evil company called The Grimm Corporation is trying to take over the Galaxy. Part of their plan includes destroying the Earth as part of a demonic ritual. This is causing dark energy to manifest monsters in the forests of Magic Valley on Earth. One lone R.E.D.D. agent must fight her way through killer robots, monsters and assassins to get to “The Grandmother”, a super computer that is programmed by GRIMM to perform the demonic ritual that will destroy the Earth. Utilizing a lot of low budget and old school special FX techniques (building model spaceships out of plastic bottles and werewolves out of cardboard), R.E.D.D. is complete B-movie, sci-fi fun, with proper nods to horror, kung-fu, and grindhouse films.

Girls, guns or zombies? R.E.D.D. is “an indie sci-fi action adventure about robots, monsters, spaceships, and a girl in red with a basket full of guns.”

Not rated. 105 minutes. Watch the trailer here …

R.E.D.D. was financed through Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns.

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My thoughts… R.E.D.D. is a no-budget B-movie that should suck. However, Patrick A. Prejusa is a filmmaker with a vision and a whole lot of passion, and he made a surprisingly entertaining sci-fi/action film! R.E.D.D. not only delivers more of the stylish action promised in the original concept trailer but also an intriguing original story, witty dialogue and charming characters! In fact, those characters, brought to life by a wonderful cast of (mostly) aspiring actors, are what raise R.E.D.D. above its D.I.Y. production values! Loopy super soldier Redd (April Crum) and her hologram sidekick Rick (Eve Butler) are an awesome heroic duo, while hungry super soldier Rebecca Snow (Alethea Delmage) is a bad-ass villainess! I just wish that grumbling scientist Beth (Amanda Elizabeth) wasn’t taken out of the mix so soon! She was like a snarky, female version of Bill Paxton’s Private Hudson from Aliens (1986)! My only gripe with R.E.D.D. is that I rented this movie instead of buying it because, now, I must own it! I love this movie! You will, too, if you love sci-fi, horror, comedy, martial arts action, stylish gunplay, Little Red Riding Hood, werewolves, cyborgs, zombies, vampires, robots, and more!

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