The Smoke Shack (2013) is a short Canadian film written and directed by Kaniehtiio Horn. Starring Kaniehtiio Horn.

A lot of people on the rez rely on the cigarette industry as a means to get by and pay the bills. One of the jobs created is working in the actual cigarette store, waiting…. for people to come and buy the death sticks.

Cigarette stores range from huge fancy convenience stores with luxuries indoor plumbing, to people selling straight from their trunks. This is a little taste of one woman’s day at work in one of many cigarette stores that exist on her reserve.

Dealing with customers, and dealing with the art of killing time.

Not rated. 7:45 run time. Watch the film here …

Watch the film on Vimeo (here).

Mohawk actress Kaniehtiio Horn [aka Tiio Horn] starred as Destiny Rumancek on the Netflix original series Hemlock Grove (2013-15).

My thoughts… The Smoke Shack is a good short film but, apparently, I have a thing for Native women be they native to Canada (Tiio Horn, Devery Jacobs), the U.S. (Jana Mashonee) or New Zealand (Hanna Tevita)!

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