Mad Maxine (2009) is a web series written by actress/stuntwoman Alina Andrei and directed by Mark Edward Lewis for LEM Studio Productions. Starring Alina Andrei.

Fed up with getting more reports from the idiot runner in the office, Maxine gives him a report of her own. This 7 episode trauma drama chronicles seven days in her life where things heat up so much that she is thrown into an “anger management” course… where she finds a way to enact her vengeance, yet again, against the corporate system.

Not rated. The episodes are:

Watch Episode 1 here …

Watch the entire web series on Youtube (here) or on Stay Tuned TV (here).

My thoughts… Mad Maxine chronicles the ongoing struggles of Maxine Justice, a disgruntled office worker. I know Maxine. I work with her right now! Well, she’s a dude, actually, but he’s just like her! I’ve known someone like Maxine at every job I’ve ever had! Alina Andrei is hysterical [and adorable!] as Maxine. However, I think Andrei and Lewis missed the chance to take this web series toward a more satisfying conclusion, especially since Maxine’s last name is Justice… As word gets around the office about Maxine’s justice, other put-upon co-workers come to her for help with their “problems”! Soon, even her bosses begin to fear her! Think The Equalizer meets Office Space!